Sunday, August 20th, 2017

hotel management software

One of the essentials of running a hotel management is customer satisfaction. If customers are not happy with the service that they have been provided, most likely, they would not even come back to stay at the hotel the next time. Quality hospitality should be the number one priority of the management and the staff of a hotel.

With that said, one way to improve the customer’s overall experience is by having a hotel management software. Hotel management software is a platform that hotel companies use to manage bookings and reservations, as well as contacting the guests and engaging with them to address concerns.

That kind of technology is something every PMS system hotel company should invest in because it maximizes the time and makes the entire process of managing a hotel a lot more convenient. But, with so many developers coming up with a software on a daily basis, it can be difficult to decide which ones to choose and which ones to trust. One of the best hotel management software out there would be Clock-Software.

What is Clock Software?

Clock-software is a hotel management software that allows management to oversee hotel operations with just a few clicks on the mouse. Clock Software gives the capacity to check and manage reservations and bookings at a much faster pace compared to old-school hotel management where bookings are done manually.

But what really makes Clock-Software a worthy investment is its Cloud feature. Everything is done online nowadays and this software directly connects the system’s data to the Cloud so that if there is a system malfunction, all of the data will be secured online. It is also ideal for situations where there are discrepancies with bookings. The software makes it easy for the management to check their records and see all transactions without much delay.

Clock Software has several benefits provided for its clients, namely:

  • Cloud and Mobile Services
  • Online Distribution
  • Two-way Guest Engagement
  • Full Service PMS

With over ninety-seven (97%) positive reviews from over sixty (60) countries, Clock-Software is definitely the PMS system hotel management software that companies can trust. It is one of the leading hotel management software available for purchase on the market and the price tag guarantees that the software is worth every penny.

Clock Software also has a variety of features that hotels will be able to make good use of. They are as follows:

  • Hotel Self Service App
  • Central Reservations & Management System
  • Integrated Channel Manager
  • Hotel Booking Engine
  • Event Management
  • Hotel Kiosk
  • Restaurant & Bar POS
  • Payment Processing

Each feature specifically caters to a variety of services that clients can choose from, which is also another deciding factor why Clock Software is considered by many to be the best hotel management software out there. For more information about the features and the pricing of Clock Software, the best hotel management software, visit their web page at Clock Software. The website provides an accurate estimate of possible expenses upon purchase of the software as well as many other important information for those who plan on getting Clock Software.

Saturday, August 19th, 2017

rv rental in phoenix

Top Recreational Vehicle Rental Company in Phoenix, AZ

Holiday vacation times are excellent periods to relax and
enjoy ourselves. One of the best ways to do this is by taking road trips across
the country. Rv Rental Company in Phoenix provides an excellent option to
comfortable and affordable road trips across the country. Instead of using
personal vehicles to take road trips and renting hotel or motel rooms it is
better to try out Florida RV rentals. You might save on holiday expenses and
enjoy the road trip of a life time.


The RV rental option is important to consider because you do
not have worry about sleeping arrangements and you can cook your food and own a
mobile home. Use of private cars for road trips is quite common, but people
need to know that they have the option of cutting road trip costs. You are even
free to choose where you want to sleep because many sites are designated for
mobile home holiday makers.

Some RVs are made for maximum luxury and comfort and may be
better than renting unpredictable hotel rooms. In Phoenix, there are numerous
online resources regarding RV rentals. With thorough research, you can find the
RV you have been looking for at a price you can afford. There are also useful
directories listing resources containing most of the companies that offer RV
rental services.

Phoenix itself is a lovely state to visit, with its various
historical sites and unique state parks. You can choose to stay at a sandy
beach, or if you love the wild, you can choose one that is located out in the
wild with lots of wildlife scenery. You will be able to save a fortune by
renting space at these parks compared to hotels especially if you are traveling
as a big group.

RV rental charges usually fluctuate depending on the
mileage, season, the location and the RV model you use. When traveling during
peak seasons make sure to book a rental in good time. Most companies have
seasonal online promotions that you might not get if you just walked into the
rental office. It is therefore important to view online deals beforehand.

When doing your research pay special attention to company
specific terms, conditions and policies regarding cancellation, security
deposits, damages and cleanliness et cetera. Before choosing a specific company,
make sure you understand and agree to their terms. Also, it is advisable to get
road maps to know where the specific state parks are located.

When looking to rent an RV rental company in Phoenix, you
will find various models. You need to choose RV Rental
Company on the level of comfort desired or size of the group and budget. The
main types of RVs are class A, class B, Class C, travel trailers, pop ups and
fifth wheels. If you meet the terms and conditions of the company, renting out
a vehicle is possible and easy.

Phoenix RV rentals come in various forms, but the two main
types are the hauled trailer and the house on wheels. The first one is ideal
for long trips while the second one is suitable for shorter trips like weekend
camps. So depending on a customer’s specific needs, best RV rental company in
Phoenix, can be a way to enjoy the camping and road trip
experience in affordable ways.

Tuesday, July 19th, 2016

Boating is one of the most popular activities in Lake Tahoe, as the scenic beauty of the lake is calming, mesmerizing, and completely refreshing for the mind and soul. In the heart of one of the bluest and deepest lakes in the world, you can take your family for a delicious riding experience on the cool waters where you can enjoy a picnic feast as well. While on your private and clean boat in the middle of Lake Tahoe, it is a once in a lifetime experience to float through the crisp azure water. You can take your time to breathe in the purely exhilarating mountain air. As Lake Tahoe is famous for its absolute tranquility and freshness, immediately you will notice the air to be healthier and cleaner than that of any other city. There is no sign of pollution that is hovering over the beautiful Sierra Mountains. You can rent a private boat from any of the numerous marina locations around the lake, or even you can simply bring your own also. As the lake is quite large and always ready to take on anyone, this is undoubtedly the best place for swimming, sunbathing, and several water sports for everyone. Many public boat launches are also there and marinas to place your boat at the shore, which is always a source of immense fun. Since the neighbors who are surrounding you, will habitually prove to themselves to be knowledgeable and friendly, and at any time ready to talk to you about the enjoyment in the water. Also, the Tahoe Key homes — all have their private boat docks to provide you the parking facility of your personal boat, or maybe the rented one. So, whether you have your own boat or not, you are free to share the enjoyment with having experience of a private boating — this ensures to tickle your hairs on the neck, as the attraction of Lake Tahoe will ooze through your pores and will leave you in awe.

Action Watersports of Incline Village: The Best Company for Boating

So, while in Lake Tahoe you will find plenty of boating companies. But only a few have reached the peek of fame due to their quality service. The company enlightens its name to the front row of that list. Situated on lovely Lake Tahoe, AWSIncline has a rich history to provide outstanding service to the clientele for last 20 years.The sales of the new boats need a powerful service operation that employed skilled craftsmen who are capable of repairing the wood and applying some fine varnished finishes and expert mechanics too to maintain the engines. Today the legacy continues and, AwsIncline continued to maintain their commitment to classic and antique boats.

The company used to rent a large variety of boats including the Sea Ray, Cobalt, Chaparral, Formula, and Crownline – all are in a range from around 19 feet to 27 feet in length. They are the one and only rental operator that provides offers for Luxury boats which you can be captained by yourself and enjoy the beauty and wonders of the Lake Tahoe with your family and friends. The fleet is having the capacities of range from 8 to 13 passengers.

Beautiful Lake Tahoe view

What makes them different from the competition?

The facilities and comfort Action Watersports provides in their modern boats is really enviable. All the rental prices simply include tax & gas. There are absolutely no hidden fees. Transparency is the key to their success. All the boats are well equipped with ice, towels, lake or area map, and operating instructions. It is required to open damage deposit with credit cards. You need to arrive 30 minutes early to your reservation time in order to complete the documentary paperwork and receive all your safety briefings to maximize your rental.

One of their special attractions is the “Sunday Morning Mimosa Cruise“. You can start your Sunday morning with local pastries and mimosas along with experiencing Tahoe’s tranquility with its best 55′ catamaran, the famous Sierra Cloud.

This one and the half hour sailing cruise will guide you along the virgin eastern shores of Lake Tahoe. The friendly and expert staff members provide the visitors a truly unforgettable once in a lifetime experience!

So if you have ever wanted to be a boat captain or  just to have fun exploring Lake Tahoe, Action Watersports is always the best boat rental option.

Tuesday, June 14th, 2016

Are you looking for a few cool water parks where you can spend some quality times and relax during weekends? If this is the case, you may be not aware of where to go or which park to opt for as there are so many of them. So here we have made a list of the top 5 water parks in USA for your help.

1# Noah’s ark

Location – Wisconsin Dells

If you are looking for a cool water park to hang out with then The Wisconsin Dells could be one of your best choices.  With amazing water rides and exciting slides and other adventurous safaris this water park is just an awesome place for your weekend trip, where you can actually have some of the great times of your life with family or friends.

The extreme ride in this park is known as scorpion’s tail which is placed in the middle of the water park and it sends the riders straight into the water in a vertical slide position, well it is very scary if you don’t have a strong heart. Also check out black anaconda, which is another ride in the water, and considered to be one of the most fearsome rides in America. With black anaconda the riders will taste the water as they will be flipped though the water at a speed of 30

 2# Schlitterbahn Kansas City Waterpark

Location – Kansas City, Kansas

2nd position of the list goes to Scatterbrain Kansas City water park, which is already making headings due to the upcoming ride Verruckt. Now you may be wondering what’s so-cool about the new ride Verruck? Well, according to the data we have, Verruckt is the tallest water slide in the world today, and it is scheduled to open this summer.

With gaining a huge online popularity the Water park is one of the most fun loving places in USA today, specially with the arrival of Verruckt where the riders will be flipped though the water at a speed of 70 MPH, it will be  fun to visit the park for people who love adventure.


Location – Santa Claus, Indiana

Number 3 in the list would be Splash in’ Safari where you would be having the time of your life with two longest water coasters among all. If you like adventurous rides, then you are definitely going to love Splash in’ Safari Water Park. When it comes to rides, they have two famous rides known as Mammoth and Wild Beest, people go gaga with these attractive rides, when Mammoth’s unique 6 person raft flips the riders from the top most position of the ride to the down hill position in seven drops. The picture of the ride where riders are screaming their heart out with fear mixed with excitement is a sheer joy to watch. Along with these two large water rides there are numerous attractive rides too for the kids and other people from different age groups.


Location: Denver

With more than forty aquatic attractions, Water World is one of the most popular parks in the US today. A water coaster and a flyer about one mile long are the most attractive ventures of the park for their speed and ride intensity.

The theme of the park is pitch-dark tube which is really unique if you consider the other well known parks where the theme is not clear for the riders. With Water World people are quite sure about the theme of the park and happy to be able to be a part of this wonderful venture to rejuvenate from their stress and mental agony.


Location: San Dimas, California

Are you looking for a unique water park where you can spend some quality time and have fun? Then Raging Waters San Dimas would just be a perfect option for you. With rides like Dark Hole where it is a huge ride with a pitch-dark sliding option for the riders that has two-cheater option for the people, you can enjoy a great deal, if you are interested in riding adventurous rides.

The ride will drop you to 52 fit vertically downward accelerating to about 49 MPH, this ride is considered to be one of the fastest rides in the United States. Hence, if you have issues with weak heart, we recommend you to think twice before you step into Dark Hole ride. Besides, if you are looking for a casual fun then Million Gallon wave pool can be an attractive option for you as well.